Who I Am

about me

I’m an interdisciplinary creative professional based in Lincoln, NE.

I spend my days crafting websites and designing graphics. I have worked with all sizes of companies from small local businesses right up to huge multinationals like Nisshinbo Industries. After attending the University of Washington in Seattle, WA, where I received my B.A. in Information Systems, I moved back to Lincoln, Nebraska, where I was born and raised.

Random facts

    • I love to cook (and eat)
    • I love Studio Ghibli animated films (Spirited Away or Princess Mononoke anyone?)
    • I play the drums (Roland TD-17KVX)
    • I enjoy video games on Nintendo Switch (Friend Code: SW-7615-6661-0802)
    • I am a tennis player, bicyclist, and “runner” (walker 😉)
    • I am addicted to Evolved Chocolate

I’m constantly learning web technologies and other design related topics, currently playing around with Javascript and JQuery. I’m skilled in many areas of design and development. Some of my skills include:


B.A. Business Administration - Information Systems / SCM

International Baccalaureate Program


Knowledgable about blockchain technology, transactions, and how the cryptocurrency networks operate. Able to apply this technology, and understand privacy aspects, double-spending, and other issues.